24 Sep 2015

diy - Aquarium 'Lid'

Make a light and practical cover for the Aquarium

This lid only costs a few bucks to make and is easy to clean, easy to pack away, and can be made to fit any tank. Okay I originally shelled out $30 for a glass lid. It was hard to keep clean, heavy and then would smell. Goldfish can be jumpers so it’s a good idea to cover the tank (with ventilation of course) when one’s not around. I have actually seen a goldfish swim upstream and in another instance up a mini waterfall! I don’t leave the lid on when in the office (where they reside) because Hendrix likes to do happy tail splashes at the surface or to spout water out at me for attention or to play. From the Chapter ‘Aquaria’ (Link)
✧☾ What I Used ☽✧
Plastic Peg baskets from the dollar store 
(I used 4 for my 3 foot tank)
Small clear cable ties
Optional – glass lid stoppers if you don’t have 
an inner wedge/rim like mine (only a few bucks on line)
✧☾ Directions ☽✧
... Using the rectangles arrange to fit tank layout/top
... Loosely cable tie inner seams
... Test lid before fully securing ties together. Keep enough of a loop to be able to fold the panels either way. Then trim away excess tie tails. Placing lid down on the tank – put it cable tie tail facing up (you don’t want the fish to scratch themselves by chance) then cut out allowances for any filter/hoses etc
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