24 May 2016

diy - drapes 'mid century tabs'

capturing the warm colors and stripes from the mid century interior with drapes

Drapes so easy to make at $4 a meter ($32 total for 8 meters of awesome color and texture) I used a woven rough textile for I wanted the light to catch through like a golden rainbow. I’d never sewn curtains before and although I was a little slap dash with some messy stitching they turned out grand... find a fabric you like and drape away. From Chapter ‘Windows’ (Link)
✧☾ Directions ☽✧
... Sew a tiny hem on length tops and bottoms of all four panels
... Drape over a panel to ascertain length to floor desire with a fold over at top over the curtain rod
... Mark with pins at top fold, use to measure against other 3 panels and do the same thing
... Sew the folds down
... Mow pin the 2 inch strips to top of each panel (1 every 3 inches) leaving a small gap to top which will create a ruffle
... Sew a couple of centimeters top and bottom to form a half loop in which the rod will slide through
... Cut out excess strips between rod loops to end up with sewn strips in which the rods can be fed through to hold up the panels
... Cut away any stray threads
(Sewing note – so forward and back every time a new hem is started to secure before sewing the length)
... Hang
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