3 Oct 2015

diy - macramé art 'golds knocker'

The easiest knot to Macramé

Banana yellow Ring macramé hang with chunky yarn and beads, extra long cut, working well as a space filler hang for balance. This is using the larks knot link to attach a cord in macramé – the most simplest of all. From the Chapter ‘macramé’ (link)

✧☾ what I used ☽✧
A fur ball assistant (Joking)
A ring (I used a tub seal)
Thick chunky Banana yellow yarn
Small white wooden beads
Wool needle
Tape measure for desired length

✧☾ directions ☽✧
... Plan and measure up the desired length of the hanging tassels
... Measure out the length of yarn and double it in a loop. Keep making loops for the desired amount of cords to cut. Cut an end to end loop with double length cords
... Make a loop with the thick yarn and feed end of both tails over the loop. When done turn over to see the knot at front for neater display
... Tie the thinner basic yarn around the top of the ring and tie making sure to have enough length of yarn to form a hanging loop and some. Thread through beads and slide down to ring
... Knot the two ends together and create a loop. Thread through another bead and secure leaving enough loop to hang with
... Hang
... Trim fringe to even

✧☾ perfect festive colors and symbolism for ☽✧
ORANGE for creativity, transformation, self-awareness and intuition
YELLOW for learning, wisdom, laughter and happiness
ORANGE (2) sacral chakra
YELLOW (3) solar plexus chakra

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Pictorials below;

diy - macramé art

'gold larks fringe'

diy - macramé art

'pumkinspice larks tail'

diy - macramé
'gold larks kimono'