24 Sep 2015

diy - Aquarium 'Stand'

Make a strong and sturdy stand for the Aquarium

Easy and allot stronger than those expensive metal or wooden flimsy stands. Different patterns can be done with the blocks buts seeing I have little space in the apartment i went for a layout that would let me utilize storage space. From the Chapter ‘Aquaria’ (Link)
✧☾ What I Used ☽✧
12 Concrete Beta or like Building blocks
Sheet of foam to fit tanks bottom
2 planks of wood big enough to leave a 
border of at least 2cm around the tank (I used melamine)
Acrylic paint and sponge applicator
Black electrical paint
Copper Spray cans
Gold Spray cans
Stick on floor protectors
Storage containers (I used old protein tubs
with labels taken off and wine caskets in the back)
✧☾ Directions ☽✧
... Give blocks a couple of coats of gold spray, allowing drying half the day in between coats
... Repeat with the two planks of wood and copper paint (Please note you only need to paint the topside up or one side
... Add strips of acrylic paint to seal any exposed edges of the wood to seal. Use sponge applicator to press the paint in. Allow to dry half the day before applying another thick coat. Pre measure and arrange blocks with perfect and even length x width for the tank. Make sure the furniture protector blocks are used on the bottom row
... Stick the floor protectors to the 3 bottom blocks (I used 6 pieces per block)
... Arrange and measure for even spaces the columns of blocks with the protector blocks on the bottom row. Take off the 2 top rows
... Add the plank of wood painted side up
... Add the two top rows back, make sure to keep measured to width x length of the bottom blocks. Add the other plank of wood painted side up
... Place foam exactly where the tank will sit and arrange storage (I used old protein tubs with labels taken off and wine caskets in the back) Once tank is up tape around the bottom to hide the foam strip and any edge silicon from the tank. Rub in with fingers to seal (I didn't bother doing this to the back of course)
... Thank-you, don’t forget to follow and Share.
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