4 Nov 2014

diy - Vase 'Vitaminjar'

Amber Anthro Starters for Baby Plants

Easy Anthro DIY mini starter vases perfect for sprouting
root growing veg in the windowsill. Just keep and recycle
those brown various glass vitamin/supplement jars to make
these sprouting greeneries... By cutting off the stem of the
spinach you can regrow the spinach and never have to buy
another for the year. 

From the Chapter ‘Pot and Vase’ (Link)
✧☾ What I Used ☽✧
Stems cut of Spinach
Boiling water in bucket to soak off labels
Brown glass vitamin jars of various sizes
Cotton pads/balls
PURE Eucalyptus Oil
✧☾ Directions ☽✧
... Simply recycle the brown glass vitamin jars and soak off the label with hot water. It may be a little gunky
... Then soak cotton balls or pads with Pure Eucalyptus oil to rub off the left behind sticker/label glue
... When trimming veg like this English spinach keep the stems and trim off some or all of the roots
... The idea is to sprout the roots in order to re-plant for perennial spinach
... Place on a sunny protected from elements spot like the window sill and make sure to change the water daily or it will get wiffy
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