4 Nov 2014

diy - drapes 'anthro pompom edged'

pompom edged sheer drapes

A non committal version of Pom Pom curtains I spotted at Anthropology, using diy - drapes 'doily bejeweled' (link) a little Boheme without the permanence. From Chapter ‘Windows’ (Link)
✧☾ What I Used ☽✧
diy - drapes 'doily bejeweled' (link)
4 Medium Safety Pins
Pom Pom Yarn
✧☾ Directions ☽✧
... Start with clean hanging sheer curtains or diy - drapes 'doily bejeweled' (link)
... Thread through a Pom Pom yarn end onto a safety pin and Pin to each curtain panels top edge
... I ended up going Cream at the end (you can also tack stitch the yarn to the ends)
... Cut the string of Pom Pom yarn at the curtains length and you're done
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