6 Mar 2016

diy - Yarn Balls 'Space Saver'

Unravel your skeins to balls to avoid a mid knit mess of knots

One of the best tricks to making a yarn project easier is to unravel the skein into a ball. Yarn balls are easier to unravel as you go and if yarn needs to be joined – this can be done ahead of time.  Saving space and creating artful spaces, from Chapter ‘Crafters Room’ (Link)
✧☾ What I Used ☽✧
Hole punch
✧☾ Directions ☽✧
... Unravel one end around fingers and keep wrapping around fingers as you go
... Remove fingers and pinch to unravel across the opposite wind
... Keep unraveling into the shape of a ball
... Use scissors to cut original wrap to size (I like to cut the bar info where it shows gauge etc)
... Thread through yarn and secure tail
... Thank-you, don’t forget to follow and Share.
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