28 Jul 2016

diy - document holder ‘golden casks’

recycled wine casks for storage coated golden copper

Perfect storage for files, papers, crafts, cables, so on ‘Free’ I personally don’t drink any alcohol, but these empty casks are brilliant and are aplenty at the supermarket/bottle o’ Usually at a recycle in or simply ask for any empty casks. Give coats of paint, cover with contact or even decoupage and there you go awesome storage. These are also perfect for filing bulk sorting A4 documents. Just lay down flat and file. These ones were painted golden for added alchemist warmth. From the chapter ‘storage’ (link)

✧☾ what I used ☽✧
Copper cans of spray paint
Gold cans of spray paint
Wine casks
Safety glasses/gloves an mask to protect from fumes/wet paint

✧☾ directions ☽✧
... Safety up
... Spray a few coats of paint allowing at least a few hours of drying in between
... You may need to spray over embossed writing in black first
... Allow to dry overnight before use

... Thank-you, don’t forget to follow and Share.
Pictorials below;

diy - spiritsticks

'lammas golden yarn wrapped'

diy – document holder


décore - spiritstick vase

'lammas golden yarn wrapped'