3 Mar 2016

diy - catching dreams 'sagetex emerald feather'

dream channeling with Navajo wrapped dream catchers and emerald feathers

Soft white small catchers with emerald green feathers and coco beads. Embrace the Native Americans and weave a web to allow the good dreams to channel down to a bliss sleeping state. Traditionally the catcher is a small hoop of a few inches in size with a hole in the center, representing strength and unity. The feather guides the good dreams down whilst the bad ones get lost tangled and stopped in the web, dying in mornings first light. I have these above my bed, on my work inspiration wall, indoor tree and my goldfish even have some hanging above their giant tank. I see many catchers made with thread but found that fluffy white wool was a unique soft variant. I used scrap Navajo fabric used to make fabric ribbon (link coming) which was used to make my mantle ‘Green Navajo Cocoon kimono’ from Imbolc Brighids celebrations, in this transition of the winter to Spring equinox (link coming). From Chapter ‘Dream Catch’ (Link)

✧☾ what I used ☽✧
Fluffy White Wool
Yarn needle
Coco beads
Emerald green feathers
Glue which dries clear
diy - catching dreams 'sagetex blanca ostrich' web rings (link)

✧☾ directions ☽✧
... make diy - catching dreams 'sagetex blanca ostrich' web rings (link)
... Thread through beads through another piece of yarn and knot onto bottom, secure
... Glue feather end and push into the beads, I wrapped the excess thread around the feather quills and secured further with glue

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Pictorials below

diy - catching dreams

'sagetex blanca ostrich'

diy - atching dreams

'sagetex emerald feather'

diy - godseye matches

'silver sequ green'