18 Jan 2016

101 - Styling a Bohemian 'Coffeetabletop'

How to and formulas for styling a Bohemian coffee table top

Here’s my formula for building up the décor on a coffee table top with Bohemian soul and with all the elements that make us human. I personally don’t like sterile, cold and or impersonal spaces. The home and spaces within should vibrate what’s important, creating an air that replenishes your soul whilst serving as function. Some interior decorating rules are broken here deliberately but in pattern with method which adds a flow even though full expression is encouraged. Feel free to use the ‘Boheme Color mixing guide' (link coming). Read on for ‘Step by Step of arranging’ and for inspiration on what objects to use refer to fire (link coming) air (link coming) earth (link coming) water (link coming). There's also links to things I actually used here are towards the end of this piece. Keep it layered with conflicting textures, structures, and colors with homage to ethic, handmade, re-use and the vintage with natural element loving for true boho. Chapter ‘Styling Tables and Shelf’ (Link)
✧☾ Working formula ☽✧
... Always work from the ground up, left to right, right to left (Zig Zag pattern) when adding to the table
... Use different sizes and heights overall
✧☾ Step by Step ☽✧
... Divide Table into 3 or 4 areas, ie left, center, right
... Add holders/cover runners, rugs, trays, trinket dishes/trays, coasters and table matts work well on a bare table
... Surround with ottomans, poufs, pillows and or stools – I added (to the shelves – tucked away until needed for use) bolsters and cushions used in yoga and meditation practice for this is one of the spaces I practice
... Look to the elements below to find the right objects keeping with chosen color theme
... Add something for Vertical Height (Vase or Ornamental statue is perfect – give more height on book stack) fill water in vase
... Add/Arrange Fresh Fauna/to vase
... Add stack of Interest books – Stacked for height (under vase or vertical object is perfect) or place vertical with book holders optionally, or stack and place both
... Add Lighting (Candles are perfect)
... Add Ornamental/s to bridge gaps – Extra objects that represent the four elements and symbolic of spirit/self are perfect including Statues, busts, antiquity, Geo, Puzzle objects, spheres, bones/skulls – things from the
✧☾ What I Used ☽✧
diy - Candlestick holders 'Bicksford bottles' (Link)
décore - Centerpiece 'Scarlet sticks Snow Marigolds' (Link)
diy - Candle 'Salted Urchin Pillars' (Link)
Crystal apothecary jar for the cookies
Plantar skull
Cactus in diy - Planter Saucers 'Peg Rim' (Link)
Crystal skull vase
Dried wild flowers
Wooden lighter
Censor and burning Sage sticks
Giant clay Starfish
Vintage bamboo matt
Pile of mini coffee table books
Succulent cuts (Link) in reused glass jars of water
diy - Paperflowers 'Snow Marigolds' (Link)
diy - Paperflowers 'Snow Chrysanthemums' (Link)
Assistance from my fur-ball Ms Shalimar Fox
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