16 Jan 2016

décore - Coffeetabletop 'Succulent Stars'

2016 Coffee table top styled Boho love and some patterned rule breaking

A bohemian coffee table doubles as dinner table with cushions and always creates ambiance for a space that can be used for movement/meditation/mindfulness. The next post will be some 101s on how to do this with décore - Styling Bohemian 'Coffeetabletop' (link) be prepared to break some rules with a dash of vintage. Cookies and coffee adorn this old abandoned coffee table with Cookie Stars and Moons 'Olive Rosewater' (Link) From the Chapter ‘Styling Tables and Shelf’ (Link)
✧☾ What I Used ☽✧
diy - Candlestick holders 'Bicksford bottles' (Link)
décore - Centerpiece 'Scarletsticks Snow Marigolds' (Link)
diy - Candle 'Salted Urchin Pillars' (Link)
diy - Paperflowers 'Snow Marigolds' (Link)
diy - Paperflowers 'Snow Chrysanthemums' (Link)
Cookie Stars and Moons 'Olive Rosewater' (Link)
Crystal apothecary jar for the cookies
Plantar skull
Cactus in diy - Planter Saucers 'Peg Rim' (Link)
Crystal skull vase
Dried wild flowers
Wooden lighter
Censor and burning Sage sticks
Giant clay Starfish
Vintage bamboo mat
Pile of mini coffee table books
Succulent cuts (Link) in reused glass jars of water 
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