21 Apr 2016

diy - tank 'warrior Buddhist on black sands'

a Buddhist warrior aquarium with carib sea black sands

Easy set up of a conscious rich tank with a beneficial bacteria substrate, fig tree, lemon tree faux plants, lots of air and a centerpiece Buddhist warrior, starring my fancy goldfish - Hendrix, Neeko and Bobbi. The results are a little cloudy for the new substrate takes 24 hours to settle and i literally took these photos there and then. From the Chapter ‘Aquaria’ (Link)
✧☾ What I Used ☽✧
décor - substrate 'Carib Sea Instant Aq Tahitian Moon' 20lb
décor - ornaments ‘buddha Warrior Large 20cm’
décor - ornaments 'hallow log'
décor - plants 'african Shade Leaf on Log 10cm'
décor - plants 'giant Lemon Tree 28cm'
décor - plants 'tall Spatophylum Tree 40cm'
décor - plants 'micro Sword Covered Log 25x9cm High'
décor - filtration and air biopro 4 inch air stone blue’ & air tube
décor - filtration and air 'biopro soft air wand' & air tube
décor - filtration and air 'stellar 380D silent dual air pump’
2 décor - filtration and air ‘check valves’
✧☾ Directions ☽✧
... Note I painted the tank before its initial set up (link)
... Turn off filter and remove 20-30% of water into a separate tub/bucket with siphon, making sure to get under gravel, rocks (vacuum up/clean tank bottom)
... Turn filter back on just make sure the filter is still fully submersed in water (you don't want the filter turned off for more than 5 or you'll star having the good bacteria colonies die-ing on you)
... Remove river rocks and stones (link coming)
... Follow directions of adding the sand (link coming) but don’t just pour it in
... Set up the air stone and wand to tubes with check valves for each to the air pump and turn on
... Here I partially covered the wand with sand center back
... Here I hid the 4 inch blue air stone in the left corner within a hollowed log
... Rinse statue in the bucket of tank water and plant in center of tank with enough room around it to fit the goldies to swim around
... Rinse statue in the siphoned water and plant the statue center front with enough room for the goldies to swim around
... Rinse lemon tree in the siphoned water and plant next to the log/air stone
... Rinse shade leaf log and plant behind statue
... Rinse fig tree in the siphoned water and plant in right corner back
... Rinse sword grass island and plant left and front
... Top with conditioned fresh water
... Thank-you, don’t forget to follow and Share.
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