12 Dec 2015

décore - Altar 'Autumn Equinox' Samhain 2015

My Altar from the Autumn Equinox ‘Samhain’ 2015

The altar is symbolic of the earth going dark, with black items to welcome the coming darker nights. Rich deep colors of the harvest shades including orange, celebrating the cycle of life with symbols of death, skulls, and day of the dead marigolds. I have an Egyptian runner on the altar depicting the cycle of life here. This was my Autumn Equinox altar ‘Samhain’ including day of the dead (oct 31st-nov 2nd) 2015, shot in the morning. I keep this celebration up until the next – The Winter Solstice December the 22nd. This is the perfect time of the year for divination, with a scrying mirror, favorite deck of Tarot cards, pendulums. It’s also ideal to reconsecrate them prior to use now. I talk to my ancestors all year long (my sister Natherine is always with me and I know my grandpa is always nearby) At Samhain, I do rituals to honor their memory and existence, keeping my scrying mirror and my pendulum on my altar the entire time. So enjoy the darkness, honor passed loved ones and celebrate them. From the Chapter ‘Altar Magick’ (Link)
✧☾ What I Used ☽✧
Crystal Skull jar/vase
Polished Stones
diy – Wand (Link coming)
diy – Candle Snuff (Link coming)
Antique London Clock
Home protection Ram chime (Gift from a sensei in Adelaide)
Four Seasons of luck chime (From Chinatown)
décore - Centerpiece 'Crystalskull Orange Marigold' (Link)
diy - Paperflowers 'Orange Marigolds' (Link)
diy - Paperflowers 'Orange Chrysanthemums' (Link)
décore - Candle holder 'Circle of Three' (Link)
Red Tealight
diy – Candles 'Altar Gods' (Link)
2 Orange Pillar candles
diy – Candleholder 'Cauldron Coffee Goddess' (Link)
Coffee beans
Gold birthday candles
diy - Pestle mortar 'Triple moon Goddess' (Link)
diy - Salt ‘Pyramid Jar’ (Link coming)
Sea Salt
diy - Wiccan Scrying Mirror 'Norse Runes' (Link)
Gold plate display holder
diy – Censer 'Goddess Clay' (Link)
Sage incense to cleanse the home
Ceremonial Knife
diy – Pentacle 'Norse Plate' (Link)
diy – Altar Cauldron 'Matt Black' (Link)
Black votive candle
Egyptian Goddess statue - Isis
Woven tapestry Runner from Egypt
Orange feathered quill
diy – Magic bottle ‘Golden wishes’ (Link coming)
Golden bell from Thailand (gift from friend)
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