28 Jan 2015

Find - Love Knitting '15% Off Yarn'

Great Quality, Low price, Reliable Delivery

Purchased from Love Knitting and was given a free knitting pattern to share. Love knitting has also supplied a voucher for 15% off and free shipping to pass on to anyone who hasn't bought from them before. I love the variety of yarn at such a low cost. The delivery is really fast and their customer service is excellent. I literally received my box in a week here in Australia with all the goods packaged well. I bought quite a bit of chunky Autumn toned Bohemian colors and look forward to sharing creations with you guys later on. Suffering and diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Anxiety/Hyper-vigilance, post a Road attack in 2012. I cannot begin to tell you the mental respite I've had from the repeated actions/motion of knitting. Yes my neck whiplash gets in the way of long duration's but the mental health rewards are great. If you know anyone or you yourself suffer from these mental illnesses - regardless of the degree, I strongly recommend working with yarn. Yes, that means you boys too! Rhythmic repetition craft and self made apparel, from Chapter ‘Crafters Room’ (Link)
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