7 Feb 2015

diy - Tall Candelabra 'Floor Lamp Embellished'

Abandoned Vintage brass turned candlestick holder 
Jewel-led and Yarn bombed

My Tall Candelabra 'Up cycled Floor Lamp’ (Link) Bombed
with yarn and adorned with crystals. The crystal candle 
holder holds both tea lights/votive and candles hence the 
duality of the candle holder. From Chapter ‘Candle’ (Link)
✧☾ What I Used ☽✧
Craft glue
Blue Bauble
Crystal tea lights/votive and candles holder
Yarn to bomb
A recycled cap to snugly fit the top
'Up cycled Floor Lamp’ (Link)
✧☾ Directions ☽✧
... Start bombing the holder where desired with yarn and craft glue or glue gun – leaving space for the cap
... Glue cap on. Allow to dry before gluing on the crystal holder
... Add some weight when tacky and leave overnight
... Glue on the blue bauble and finish the yarn bombing over/to cover the cap
... Thank-you, don’t forget to follow and Share.
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